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Refraction for Sublime Text
Refraction for Sublime Text

How to install, configure and use Refraction's Sublime Text extension.

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  1. Install the extension from Package Control by clicking Sublime Text > Settings > Package Control (or typing command-shift-p on MacOS) and typing "Install Package". Then, type Refraction and choose the relevant package.

  2. Get your User ID (and optionally Team ID) from the Sublime extension page.

  3. Open the Sublime extension settings and enter your User ID and optionally Team ID (see screenshot below).

    1. You can type command-shift-p on MacOS and search for "Refraction Settings"; or

    2. You can click Sublime Text > Settings > Package Settings > Refraction > Settings

  4. Reload Sublime to apply the changes and start using the extension.


  1. Open a file in Sublime Text.

  2. Select some code.

  3. Open the command palette (Ctrl+Shift+P on Windows/Linux, Cmd+Shift+P on Mac) and type Refraction.

  4. Select the command you want to run e.g. "Generate unit tests"

  5. Refraction will generate the code and insert it into your file.

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